jules-horne-writerI’m Jules Horne, a writer and creative writing tutor from Scotland. I’ve won a couple of Edinburgh Fringe Firsts for my stage plays, and have written several plays for BBC Radio. I teach on the Open University MA in Creative Writing, and am currently an associate playwright with Playwrights’ Studio Scotland.

I also run a copywriting business, Texthouse, and am an advocate for literature with Creative Arts Business Network in the rural region I live in, the Scottish Borders.

Writing for my life

Like most writers, I grew up devouring books from an early age. A fabulous primary teacher, John Stables, introduced me to writing plays and stories. I never looked back.

Words have always been part of my life, from early Dr Seuss, Scots language poetry learnt by heart, hobbits, Mervyn Peake and school drama, to a German degree at Oxford University, followed by spells in Germany (translating for Helmut Kohl), Reading (BBC Monitoring) and Switzerland (writing and reading the news for Swiss radio). A background in journalism has given me a robust editing process and a love for the rhythms of spoken language, as well as a sense of comedy.

I wish someone had sat me down years ago, and given me straight professional advice about writing.

Instead, like most writers, I’ve learned on the job. Like all writers, I’ll never stop learning, thanks to a mix of insatiable curiosity, playfulness, and perfectionism – both a blessing (editing) and a curse (letting go).

This site brings together some of my discoveries from along the way, as well as tools and processes from the different writing professions.

Writing, teaching and technology

How writing is taught, learned and practised is changing fast. Writing is increasingly professionalised, with more and more students doing creative writing degrees and MFAs.

Technology is advancing fast, too. Writers have a slew of new devices to support their research and productivity, and data science is revealing astonishing insights that will shape the future of writing.

As I see it, these two strands are converging. Method Writing is about that territory.

If you’re interested in that territory, too, get in touch! info@method-writing.com

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