Creative writing – muse or method?

Creative writing is a mysterious process, but if you want to write for a living, you can’t leave it up to a capricious muse. We need powerful strategies so that we can write productively, and not burn out.

I’ve worked professionally as a journalist, scriptwriter and fiction writer. In each line of work, it’s been life-changing to discover trade secrets writers use to write better and faster. If those secrets were shared, we’d all be able to raise our games!

I’m also interested in deliberate practice, and whether writers can learn their art, craft and trade through focused training – similar to artists, dancers and musicians. 

Method Writing is my mission to put some of these techniques out there.

If you’re waiting for your muse to show up, best of luck – genuinely! I’ve never met one, and I’m jealous of writers who have. Please introduce us!

If you’re tired of waiting, and want to write productively, with the ultimate aim of making a living from your writing,  a methodical approach may help.

There are many different ways to write. Join me as I try them out, and use them to develop your own process, and become a better writer.