Hello! Method Writing is a hub for writers who want powerful techniques to inject more impact and confidence into their creative writing.

I’m an award-winning writer, ex journalist and creative writing teacher at a UK university. After helping students for over 15 years, I started Method Method writing as a home for my discoveries and techniques for teaching writing, drawing on dramatic technique, corpus linguistics and deliberate practice.

Clearly, every writer works out their own individual methods and process. But years of editing and feeding back on work in progress in different disciplines have given me a broad overview, and exciting new techniques are also emerging from digital technology.

So that's what I want to share in Method Writing - a collection of inspiring, practical, empowering resources for creative writers and teachers. Writing is often mysterious, but many aspects can be learned and practised. Muse and method go hand in hand. Just ask any musician!

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About Jules Horne

Techniques and tips to fire up your writing. Dramatic writing, editing, problem-solving and more.

Reviews of the best books about creative writing, screenwriting, copywriting, story structure to get you inspired.

Writing is changing fast. Discover the new tools and technology that writers are using to transform their approach.

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Award-winning writer, ex BBC journalist, and university teacher of creative writing.